One of the hottest hair removal products today is Nono but is it finally the solution to the age old problem? If you’re considering trying this method then you’ve come to the right page. Read on to find out how it works, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and what actual users are saying about it. Details on special offer are also available below should you decide to try it.

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What Is Nono?

Designed as a solution to unwanted hair, this system uses a unique technology that effectively and painlessly removes unwanted hair within the comfort of your home. It has been featured in various prestigious magazines including Vogue, Elle, and Allure among many others.

How Does It Work?

The system employs a handheld device which applies scientific principles of thermal transference to conduct gentle pulses of heat that the company refers to as Thermicon. The device resembles an electric razor but instead of a blade, it has a thermodynamic wire and built-in safety mechanisms that enable it to provide safe, effective, and professional hair removal technology. It employs a device that has a Thermicon tip attached to its end that contacts with the hair as you glide it along your skin. The thermodynamic wire then heats up and releases the energy to the hair, searing it all the way down to its follicle.

The heat that the device emits is gentle on the skin but strong enough to damage the follicles. While this epilation method instantly leaves your skin hair-free, it will produce permanent hair reduction only after several uses. It does not claim to provide permanent hair removal at one go. What it does is provide you smooth, hair-free skin which lasts longer than the effects of shaving and other methods, and after several uses, the hair will grow back finer and sparser, and eventually lead to permanent hair reduction.

The handheld device operates with built-in batteries and can be replenished with a charger. It is also equipped with an LCD so you can determine whether or not you are using it properly.

Where Can You Use It?

The device can be used on most parts of the body including the face but it should not be used on the breasts and genitals. Use the narrow Thermicon tips for small and sensitive areas. When gliding it on curved areas like underarms, elbows, and knees, follow the natural curve of the body and keep it in contact with the skin as it glides.

When to Expect Results?

It will be different for each person as hair regrowth varies among individuals. This treatment requires time and patience but you will notice that as you continue to use it, less hair will grow back and regrowth will become finer and thinner until you experience permanent hair reduction.


  • Safe and painless. Although your skin may experience temporary redness which fades within a few hours due to thermicon technology, it is designed to leave no unfavorable effects. No pain, no cuts, no skin irritation, no burns, no nicks, no ingrown hairs, no mess.
  • Long lasting effects. You can go weeks without shaving. However, each person has a unique hair growth cycle and will experience results an individual pace. Generally, after first use, hair regrowth will be experienced after 6 weeks. As you continue to use it, you will notice slowed hair regrowth.
  • Suitable for all skin complexions and hair color. Unlike laser hair removal which is only suitable for certain skin and hair color, this hair removal system does not use light hence it is good for anyone who wants hair-free skin regardless of skin and hair color.
  • Portable. This hair remover is such a small rechargeable, handheld device that you can carry with you anywhere you go.
  • Price. It a great alternative to very expensive professional treatments and less than the cost of 3 waxes.
  • Guarantee. It offers a risk-free 60-day money back guarantee. If you happen to be dissatisfied with the results, you can contact customer service for return instructions.


  • Off-putting smell when device is in use. While you are using the handheld device, you will notice a faint burning odor since it is literally singeing the hair follicle.
  • Requires patience. If you expect permanent hair reduction at once or just after a couple of applications, then you will be disappointed. While you will enjoy instant hair-free skin, expect your hair to regrow after 4 to 6 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle. You will have to use it for several times until you have achieved permanent hair reduction.

Real User Reviews

Gathered here are a few excerpts taken from other Nono reviews. The following comments describe the general feedback.

Does It Really Work?

Based on most No No reviews, it is clear that the system delivers on its promise and many individuals are already satisfied with the results. Many users agree that it is way better than shaving and you can enjoy hair-free skin longer. It has been reported to slow down hair regrowth and that it indeed works without pain and other side effects of other hair removal methods.

The Best Place To Buy It

To take advantage of the complete kit and the best available price, we would only recommend purchasing this hair remover from the official website where you can get the following:

  • Nono 8800 available in either silver or pink.
  • 1 wide thermicon tip
  • 1 narrow thermicon tip
  • 1 large buffer
  • 1 Smooth lotion
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • Quick guide, user instructions on CD, and power supply

Additionally, getting it from the official site ensures that your purchase is protected with the risk-free, 60-day money back guarantee, and 1- warranty.

Click Here to Try Nono and Take Advantage of the Risk-Free, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee from the Safe and Official Website


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