Booty Pop Review: Is It As Good As They Say?

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It promises to turn your booty from flat to fab in seconds but is it really as good as advertised? You’ll find the answer here as we reveal facts both good and bad about Booty Pop. We also include real user reviews to give you idea how others really find the product.

What Is It?

Designed to reshape your backside and achieve that ultimate shapely, lifted booty instantly, it is supposedly Hollywood’s trade secret which is now available on the market. Just like the padded bra enhances, the Booty Pop revolutionizes women’s undergarment by giving you the sexy curves and ultimate lift improving your look whether you are wearing jeans, shorts or even that body-hugging dress.

The product is a brainchild of college friends and entrepreneurs Susan Bloomstone and Lisa Reisler. Bloomstone used to be a PBS TV producer while Reisler used to be a fashion director. It was when buttock implant surgery was increasingly becoming popular that the concept was formed. The co-creators realized how a lot of women were willing to go under the knife just to have the same curves and booties of popular celebrities.

Since its launch, the Booty Pop undies were featured on popular TV shows such as The View, Martha Stewart Show, TheToday Show, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It also made it to the ‘must have’ list of Entertainment Tonight fashion editors, and featured in many national magazines including In Touch, Life & Style, Self, and Seventeen.

How Does It Work?

The secret to Booty Pop is its strategically placed pads sewn into both sides of the undergarment. These pads are non-removal and they stay perfectly in place all the time creating round, lifted buttocks accentuating the curves, and turning a droopy backside into head-turning booty.

Materials And Design

The underwear is made from 95% natural cotton and 5% spandex for the perfect and comfortable fit. The pads are lightweight, seamless foam fabric that not only feel natural but also look natural. No one would actually guess your secret.

There is a size for everyone including extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. Among the colors available include black, black licorice, crème caramel, lace lavender, sour apple candy, pink cotton candy, lemon jellybean, blueberry gumdrop, candy confetti, classic cherry pop, classic watermelon pop, classic gray pop, microfiber cherry , lace cherry, and purple.


  • Instant makeover. No need for surgery or strenuous workouts to shape your butt. All you have to do is wear the undergarment and you have instant shapely butt.
  • Comfortable. Made from natural cotton, the fabric is lightweight and perfect for comfort and fit. The pads are securely sewn that you need not worry about your movements. They stay in place giving you confidence of having the perfect curves whatever your outfit is.
  • Cost effective. No need to pay for monthly gym membership and it is a more practical solution compared to cosmetic surgery which cost can go out of control.
  • Easy to maintain. The undies can be machine-washed on gentle or delicate cycles in cold water. Using mild detergent is recommended and if you need it bleached, make sure to do away with chlorine.


  • Temporary solution. It does not provide you the shape you want all the time unless you are comfortable about replacing your panties with it. Although you can wear it with most types of clothing, it won’t be suitable for swimwear and very tight body hugging dresses.

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