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There is no doubt that stretch marks are unsightly and that you’d like to cover them up all the time. The search for that ultimate solution though can be difficult with so many products claiming to make wonders only to break your pocket and leaving you miserable with the same ugly marks that seem to stay forever. What if Trilastin SR is just another product to disappoint you? You’ll find the answer here.

What Is It?

Trilastin SR Intensive Stretch Mark Complex is a stretch mark solution which promises to maximize your skin’s elasticity, target the source of stretch mark development, and diminish discoloration caused by stretch mark. It apparently guarantees results in as little as three weeks and is effective on either light or dark skin. The solution is formulated specifically for stretch marks associated with pregnancy, weight gain, or bodybuilding.

How Does It Work?

The product apparently works by directly targeting the source of the problem through its collagen-rich microspheres and custom blend of bioactive components powered by its advanced delivery systems. Using it on a regular basis apparently reduces the appearance of both existing or new stretch marks in as little as three weeks.

How To Use It

Make sure your skin is clean and dry prior to application. Apply a liberal amount of it on all areas of your body where stretch marks are located. Use a firm circular motion until the cream has completely absorbed. Repeat the process two to three times daily, and do not exceed three applications within a 24-hour period.


  • Visibly reduces the depth and length of stretch mark furrows
  • Firms and tightens lose, stretched skin
  • Maximizes the elasticity of your skin, preventing future stretch marks
  • Evens out tone and pigment discoloration
  • Restores and retains your skin’s natural smoothness and suppleness.


  • Treats old and new stretch marks and scars. Whether your stretch marks are old or new, Trilastin is formulated to diminish and prevent them. The cream is also known to work on general and surgical scars. Because it contains licorice extract, it also inhibits production of melanin which creates dark pigments on the skin. It normalizes visible scarring, and uneven tone and texture associated with stretch marks.
  • Safe to use. This fast acting solution has been tested for safe use by an independent laboratory and is used by thousands of individuals in more than 130 countries. No adverse effects have been reported and the formula is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. While FDA approval is not required for this type of product, it is however, manufactured under the strictest quality control conditions in an FDA-registered laboratory.
  • Easy to obtain. This stretch mark formula does not require prescription and can be securely purchased from its official website.


  • Price. The price is pretty expensive although if you consider the alternatives, it is fairly cheap.
  • Runs out fast. How long the cream will last will depend on the size of the area to be treated. A six-ounce tube approximately lasts one to two months as directed. For some people with larger areas to treat, you may need more to achieve results.

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